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Saturday and Sunday Schedule:

Registration/Check-In table opens at 7:30 am

Doors open at 8:00 am

Event starts by 9:00 am

Event ends by 6:00 pm

Breaks every 2 1/2 – 3 hours

Location: Burlington Holiday Inn

If you have ever had a doubt in your mind about the direction your life and career should be heading, then you must read on. Do you know what your true passion is? If you’re not clear about your true passion, this transformational weekend event will get your head out of the clouds and clarify what your true passion is and how you can turn your new found passion into a profitable business.


Maybe you already know what your true passion is, but have never really found a way to monetize your dreams. At Passion2Profit Canada Transformational weekend, Roland and Alysse will show you step by step how to systematize and monetize your passion.


Are you already monetizing your passion? The Passion2Profit Canada weekend can help you monetize your passion even more! Roland and Alysse show you exactly what you need to do to increase your profits. From simple techniques to positioning yourself as an expert, even to the marketing of yourself, and your product, you will learn additional ways to profit even more doing what it is you love to do.


You might already be extremely passionate about something, but your passion may be consuming your whole life. Teaching Joel’s system, Roland and Alysse will show you how to simplify and structure your passion so that you have more freedom and time to do other important things in your life, like spending quality time with your loved ones.


No matter the current state of your business, or where you are in life, the Passion2Profit Canada transformational weekend will teach you how to transform your business. Even if you follow just a few of the techniques that Joel’s system teaches, you can dramatically increase the quality of your life, and business. You can be a complete fresh start, not knowing what to do, or you can already be successful, Roland and Alysse’s Passion2Profit Canada can help ANYONE.



Alysse Estrabillo Passion2Profit Canada

Alysse is a woman of many hats.  First and foremost, Alysse is a family person.  She is married with 6 children, and just like you, Alysse does the best for her family.  A very successful entrepreneur.  A world traveller.    Alysse has made it her life’s work to share the knowledge and systems that have enabled her to live the life of her dreams, spending time with her family whenever she wants to and wherever she wants to.

Roland Estrabillo Passion2Profit Canada

Dr. Roland is a leading edge well respected holistic dentist.  He is a dedicated husband and father to their children.  Dr. Roland owns and operates over 7 businesses along with his wife Alysse, including a potentially life changing health related business.  His passion is to also share with the world the tools to allow people to achieve huge success in life.


Passion2Profit Canada Make Money Doing What You Love

At this point, you may be wondering will Alysse’s training really work?  Alysse’s training is based on the mentoring of Joel Bauer who has trained hundreds of people just like you to either become successful, or become even more successful. Some people you may have heard of who have benefited from Joel Bauer’s training include:

 Mark Victor Hanson

Robert G. Allen

Mike Koenigs

Eben Pagan

Joe Polish

Debbie Allen

Dave Lakhani

Terry Levine

James Malinchak

Harry Dent

Martin Howey

Travis Miller & Jimmy Vee

Armand Morin

Alex Mandossian

Lynn Rose




Here is what you will learn!




How-to-Identify-Your-True-Passion Passion2Profit Canada

Roland and Alysse will take you through a proven process to unlock what it is you’re
truly passionate about in life. If it has been a struggle to find your life’s purpose,  Roland and Alysse allow you
to ask yourself some pretty tough questions to unveil some very profound answers and help you to
get some long awaited clarity. Just knowing your true passion is going to move you forward
leaps & bounds in life, you will now have a new direction and can live life with clarity and purpose.

The-Importance-of-Systems Passion2Profit Canada

Roland and Alysse always teach systems because systems allow you to make choices that
work over and over again. Joel’s methods are based on systems. A system that
works every single time.
Based upon absolute fact. Roland and Alysse do
not teach anything that is chancy or based on guess-work.

How-to-Create-Your-System Passion2Profit Canada

Learn to monetize your passion through the creation of your very own system.
Roland and Alysse will teach the importance of why you need your own system as well as every
component of your system. If you are passionate about something or have specialized
knowledge in some area then you have everything you need to create your own unique
system and Roland and Alysse will teach you how

How-to-Market-your-system Passion2Profit Canada

Learn how to market your system online and offline &
how to create your own stream of passive income.

what-do-you-do Profit2Profit Canada

You don’t know the answer and it’s costing you millions!

Differentiation-Techniques Passion2Profit Canada

Learn how to set yourself and your business apart from the competition,
framing what you do in a way to attract more business, making you and your
product the only logical solution.

 How-to-present-yourself Passion2Profit Canada

Roland and Alysse teach Joel’s proven techniques of wrapping your package, and how to
establish instant rapport, credibility and trust in just 4 seconds.

How-to-develop-your-quickpitch Passion2Profit Canada

Grab your prospect by the throat with your words. Have your prospect
engaged and wanting to buy all that you offer.

How-to-Qualify-your-Prospect Passion2Profit Canada

Joel’s system will teach you how to qualify a prospect in just four seconds,
no matter your niche or area of expertise.

The-gift-shift Passion2Profit Canada

You’ve never heard this and it alone is easily worth price of the entire event.

How-to-write-your-book Passion2Profit Canada

Roland and Alysse teach how you can write and publish your own book in less than 72 hours.
Having your own book will establish you as an expert and give you instant credibility.

The-principle-of-social-proof Passion2Profit Canada

Learn the principle of social proof, and why you absolutely need testimonials.
This technique alone has the potential to dramatically increase your income.

The-basics-of-graphics Passion2Profit Canada

Joel’s system teaches the basics on graphics and recommends programs that you can
use immediately to create emotionally engaging visuals and graphics.

 resources Passion2Profit Canada

Learn some of the resources that Joel uses to package
your system, including where to publish and print your book.

 Passion2Profit Canada Transformational Weekend

Passion2Profit Canada Transformational Weekend

These are easy to implement principles and some of them you you’ll be able to implement during this event!

Any single strategy you will learn at this two day event could change your life and your financial future forever. You need the tools to set yourself up for life. You need the skill sets necessary to be able to provide a superior lifestyle for yourself and for your family.

The techniques you will be learning at the Passion2Profit Canada transformational weekend will allow you to fulfill all of your needs, retire at an early age, send your child to the finest private schools and live life on your own terms without compromise…

Lifetime-Opportunity Passion2Profit Canada

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Roland and Alysse would like to welcome all the visitors with the abundance mindset that are looking for The Secret. KFPK listeners, Anthony Robbins (Tony Robbins), Friends from the Global Information Network GIN (Kevin Trudeau) Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Mike Koenigs, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & those that have a Purpose Driven Passion & that wish to take advantage of Joel Bauer’s gift of this one time Free Seminar. Your Wish Is Your Command!